Thursday, April 25, 2013

A New Trainee Maid To AYA

Sunday, April 24, in the presence of our Queen,Head Governess Kara, Misses and Maids, the AYA’s family received a new member.

She is Sissy Casey, the newest Trainee Maid of AYA.

Trainee Maid Casey Oath Cerimonieof at AYA BDSM Sissy Sanctuary

AYA BDSM Sissy Maid Sanctuary Trainee Maid Casey

Sissy Casey, Trainee Maid of AYA BSDM Sissy Sanctuary

Rezzday: June 7rd, 2011

The AYA's Family receives you with open arms Trainee Maid Casey

By Marta
Revised by Stacy
Photo by Mikki

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  1. Welcome to famly sis, if you need some help feel free to talk to me.

    Head Maid Marta