Saturday, April 13, 2013

♪ ♫ Celly in the Sky with her Datas ♫ ♪

She can live in the clouds
But is a very sensible persona
She is Officer Celly Snow

Love me or forget
 “Oh this is a though question, I am not sure I can be defined :) I am just Celly, take me as I am or leave me alone.... I try to be kind and helpful, I'm silly a lot of the time, try not to take myself to seriously. I like to think I'm Smart, but somehow I keep getting in trouble :)”
Live in the sky is a crazy thing, isn't ?
“When I came to SL, I was not sure what I wanted, so I hopped around different sims. I met some nice people at VC, so I came there a couple of times, that’s how I talked to Governess Vixen the first time. I bothered her a lot in the beginning, but we became friends and I visited the old mansion a couple of times to see her.”

“Then SL took me in a different direction for a while, I was cough up in some bad drama...and I needed a new place to build a home, my good friend Missy Oh had a skybox at Little England so I thought I could try to rent here...”

“I was building my skybox and saw there was a lot of people down on the ground, I thought....well I can go check it out....see what its like......I mean, how bad can it be ?? I was shocked at the amount of crazy people I found....they were just like me :) so that’s how I found my home at AYA”

Being an Officer is working behind the scenes
“This title can be a bit difficult to officer is person helping with the running of the sim, without being a mistress or a maid. The various officers have different roles, like security, building or as I do run the library.”
"Writing" history is my assignment
“As keeper of the records and Head Librarian, I try to manage the flow of information in our sum. My main focus till now has been to make a offline members list, this allows us to keep track of medals, promotions, how long a person has been a member.....see how many new people we get...that kind of thing.”
“We also have a goal of rewriting the AYA history, make more stories and other "books" available in the library....and I’m sure it will keep me busy for a long time :)”

Her wise words
 “We have a good thing going here, this is by far the friendliest collection of people I have found...sure we fight sometime, we don’t agree on everything. I would like to say have faith, and work together as a team...I’m sure we can make this place continue to grow, both in number and in greatness”
Celly :)
You're right in your words Celly
We are a community of different people with different thoughts and different wills.
But what differentiates us from other communities is that we are a FAMILY.
And make sure that you're an important part of AYA's Family

By Marta
Revised by Stacy

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