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AYA's History Public Version - Final Chapter

AYA BDSN Sissy Maid School Sanctuary History

Final Chapter

During autumn things began to be difficult. Seven asked me to organize a BDSM fashion fair. I found a lot of BDSM fashion designers interested, and I even made an advertisement poster. I'm not a great artist, but think it was not too bad.
AYA BDSN Sissy Maid School Sanctuary History 2

It was a very big work... for nothing. As, at the time planned, as people was waiting here and we were going to begin, Sevven was... not here! As we could do nothing without her, we had to stop everything... I was totally ridiculous... She never really explained me what happened, and it was a real cloud between us...

On the same time, Ivana added three sims to our land. One was a very beautiful park with a lot of nice things: bath, tavern, labyrinth, relaxing couches... but, note it, nothing to get money. And, in fact, nobody used it... there was absolutely no social life between residents, each one had his life inside his house, and nothing else... we had two, then three different taverns, but absolutely empty. But in fact Ivana had no contacts with them, so they had no collective identity. Seven and me did what we could do, but we were really alone... And, in fact, we never had one half of the houses occupied.

A second one was only water with a fortress rented to a Dutch man. I forgot his name, but he was an old ships fan. I saw for the first time on his sim a wonderful ship named the Crow. I noted the LM to see where it was built... I did not know i was going to live in exactly the same one in a short time!! And, as I'm a mermaid too, I had a lot of space to swim!! lol
The third one was an aberration: only water too, but with a steel building very different from our old time style, only for... Omega Collar store!! A complete sim for only one store, and not very large...I think sales were becoming lower and she wanted something more impressive to attract buyers. But, three sims more in a very short time, as we lived on three ones which were already half empty... it was too much! I began to become really worried... Seven too... but one time, she said me that, if O BDSM had too serious problems, she had a little castle in a moutain zone... I did not know how it will become important for me in a close future!!

And relations between Ivana and residents were not good. A french friend who lived here said me one time: "I paid a fortune to somebody who only never said me hello!"... he was one of the few O BDSM residents to follow us in Aya, but he left sl during 2010 due to personal problems in rl.

Despite these problems, during Xmas 2008 we had a lot of projects for next year. Seven had begun to replace a group of empty houses by a beautiful pond...

But, monday january 19 (I'll never forget this day!), the sky felt on our heads. Sunday evening sl had a big problem and I could not log in to return home. So my avatar had to spend her night in the middle of a street, and I hate that. But when I logged in monday morning there were two nice girls in the street, so I began my work. I was showing them the school and around, when I saw... Ivana's tower was no longer here! I did not understand, but, at this moment, I received a group note from her. She said she no longer wanted to work with Sevven, and she was leaving O BDSM!!! And, when I could contact Seven, she said me this bitch was gone with all the cash!!!

It was a total disaster. Seven said me later that she lost 9000$.. and not Linden ones!! For me, it was not a money problem, but a moral problem... as, the following day, Ivana removed all the houses! And I had to warn people, the ones I recommended to rent here, that their furniture was floating in the air! It was an horrible moment. Then, i spent several days to remove all remaining buildings of our little world, as Seven had to sell the sims. In fact, she managed to recover a good part of her money, but not all.

But, during these terrible days, something strange happened. A new sim appeared, connected by a corner to one O BDSM corner. It was impossible to access, but I managed to find its name: Aya BDSM. I had to do a lot of search to discover that this mysterious owner named Tonie Aya was... my old friend Seven!

About Ivana, one of her slaves who had good relations with me said me, some days later, that she had created a new O BDSM sim. Seven and I were banned from it, but it was stupid: I only had to create an alt to visit it. It was a little version of first one on only one sim, but... totally desert. Without Seven, Ivana was a very bad manager. Traffic was under 10 all the time - some months- it existed. Then when adult rating was created, she did nothing to get it and had to remove all the bdsm shops, so there was only very light fetish fashion... absolutely no interest. Then, Ivana deleted the sim and her avatar, and disappeared from sl...

But, just before, one of Ivana's slaves sent a message to every people she knew, and we learnt some horrible things. First, she was the real Omega Collar designer and never got a cent for that, as hundreds of it were sold 5000L$ or more. Two, as they were both english, she managed to meet Ivana in rl. So, she discovered that it was a man... and not a nice one. As she's totally lesbian, she tried to suicide... fortunately, it did not work, but she was absolutely broken. I met her some times later, but she wanted to begin a totally new life and abandon all contacts from this time. A very sad story end... but fortunately, as sometimes I look at her profile, I know she has now an happy life in a totally different sl world. So it was not really an end...

But, for Seven, now named Tonie Aya, and me, it was a new beginning. She explained me that, during autumn, she installed on a very far sim a little castle named... Sissy Sanctuary. I had no idea what was a sissy, so she explained me. It was a problem. I'm a pure lesbian, and for me Seven was one too. I knew nothing about shemales world. But i did not want to abandon my best friend in the huge work of lanscaping a new sim. So I decide to help her to manage the sim, but keep my own home besides hers for my lesbian games.
The program was to move Sissy Sanctuary from the moutain sims to Aya BDSM, then install homes to rent or buy as in O BDSM. I visited the castle with her, and she presented me her main maid at this time, Sissyjosie Loire.

When she installed Aya sim near O, there were some mountains and an ugly steel and glass building. I never knew what it was as she deleted it very quickly. Then, to gain time in landscaping, she used a graphic file which put in one step all the sim relief. Despite a lot of changes, this first map of the sim was still visible in some parts of the sim still end. As all our renters had lost their home, she put some little houses for them, but nobody used them and she deleted them after some days. Then we began to explore the sim, as we did not create the relief ourselves. One more time I proposed my idea of a bdsm pirate port, and she accepted. There were large plots for sale around the sim, and more little plots for rent inside. In the center was a hill, perfect for the Governess Mansion. It was at the same place during all Aya sim history.
At this time I was not a great builder yet. So I had a very simple work: put fences around all the plots. I put a lot of different wood or bricks textures, to have a more "pirate" look. They had famous pirates names, including a french one: L'Olonnois. Tonie used the same Tudor houses than in O, including the very first mansion. I bought my Crow ship to be my residence, and she bought a larger Black Sparrow to be used as a dungeon. On this pic you can see how was the sim in very first days. Note the stone bridge on right side: it's the one Seven installed in Aphrodites and was the origin of Branded end. The Crow was my home, but as it was not very large I added a skybox just above, an Archer house.... again.

We had no time to build a real mansion as we had to hurry. The owner of a shemale group (I forgot the name) just deleted her group and castle during a big breakdow. The members were totally lost, and we managed to recover a maximum of them for our own group. So Tonie, Josie and me were as often as possible on former castle place to meet them when they came to the deleted castle. As building was not forbidden, we also put some signs to give them our LM when we were not here. We could enroll a good number of them in Aya group; it was a good beginning.

Then we had time to install our sim. I think this pic is from 2010 beginning.

In the middle you can see the second Mansion. It was very beautiful, but too large, as Tonie used two times the same building, connected to 90°. So, everything was double: two entrance halls, two large stairs... a lot of place was lost, and, even after one year, I was unable to find my way inside! This view from the roofs can show you how it was large.

But inside it was very beautiful; Tonie took this pic when we were chatting. You can see here one of the first apparitions of the little handicapped maid... I never knew where she found her.

On left side was the market place. It was very beautiful, but in fact it was in a wrong place. There were two separated tp points for Mansion and market, and when visitors were in one, they generally did not know other one existed. It was a big problem, resolved later by moving the market in front of the Mansion. On right side of the pic, note the Freebies market; all the members put here some gifts to visitors. In fact,

The black tower with claws was the favourite Seven's building. She tried several times to install it in O, but i think Ivana did not want. In Aya it was used by my french friend Evli, who was mid time samurai and mid time vampyre! But, some time later, he left sl forever and Seven removed her tower.

A lot of residents built big castles, so prims were always a problem... and we had to remove the ships from the port. But I put mine along my plot, when I bought one.

As always, our group was slow to grow at the beginning, as we were not known. One of our first members was John Finesmith, who became later Jill Funizza... and Tonie's wife. But, during 2009 summer, two very important members, who were not sissy maids, entered in our group. First, as we were the Sissy sanctuary, Tonie invited Dolly to open a shop in our market place for her sissy fashion. At the beginning it was only that, but very fast we discovered that we had a wonderful low prim builder... and she had a more and more important role in our community.

Some time later, as I was going to leave, I saw on my mini-map that there was somebody on the wooden pier I had made around the Mansion. As I had a tp point here, I went to see who was this visitor... it was a wonderful french girl named Sophie Preiss. She had a very beautiful blue crinoline, still available in her store. It was a real love at first sight. She explained me she was a fashion fan, but as she had no home, she worked in public sand boxes then had to move to a desert sim to change. And, as she doesn't speak english at all, she did not know how to sell her creations.

So i offered her to have her own workshop if she accepted to become my slave. She accepted, and I built her a platform besides my skybox, with a bridge to communicate. It was the beginning of a very long happiness.

Some time later, I presented her to Tonie. She had a beautiful victorian gown, with a very tight corset. Tonie asked her if she had the same one with a shorter skirt. She had... and Tonie said that, with some more details, it was exactly the uniform she wanted for her maids. As you know, Aya maids still wear it today. Tonie gave her a shop too. The fist one was a little market cart, second one was a little shop, then Dolly and her had a large common store.

A very nice event too was Play's return. She was now very different, a neko sub, but it was very good to see her again. As she was homeless, with the help of Dolly I installed a large sky platform above my plot, with two Archer houses (again!! lol), one for her and one for Kris. Sophie made me a beautiful Branded symbol I put on a pole, as it was in Babylon, and a stone board with the name of New babylon. They were very happy here, even if Play came rarely in sl, as her rl problems were not finished yet (in fact, I don't know if they are now).

As it was really difficult for visitors to circulate from market place to mansion, after we chatted about that, Dolly and me saw we had the same idea: put the market place just in front of the Mansion. It was the end of the port, and it's why I began to buid mine.

During 2010 it became evident that the Mansion was not really suitable. So a new one was built by Kal, a canadian girl who was Aya member at this time. It was more compact than old one, and more place was available. Outside it was very simple, but it was very beautiful inside, as you can see here during Tonie and Jill wedding. A funny thing is it had a little building besides, a whore house with two bedrooms for visitors ready to pay to have good moment with the maids. In fact it was not really used, and deleted. A lot of pictures now visible in new mansion entrance hall are from this one.

At the end on 2010, Governess Zavod sold me her plot for only 1L$ and Tonie gave me a little one more... so i decided to make my dream real: a pirate port and a dungeon for BDSM rp. It was a big work, and i made a mistake: as, for me, houses were only a decor, I made them too little. The sim problem became really serious, and Dolly made a new Mansion using very few prims. As a good part of my port, just in front, was already built, she made it in a style from around 1700. I installed three bridges to connect together mansion, dungeon and port. There was a wonderful opening event... but not a lot of users!

But, as 2011 was beginning, we began to have very worrying news: Tonie was going to abandon Aya sim. Since the beginning, she lived in sl to forget she was alone in rl. And... she was no longer alone! So she could not continue to spend money in this sim as, in fact, it was never profitable; she had to pay a good amount each month from her own money, but it was not a problem for her as she was alone. Some residents were able to pay the sim tiers, but Tonie was really Aya soul... Fortunately, since some time we had a new Mistress, Talin Greymist, who had her own sim. So she invited us to move here, what we did during july 2011 .

Last views of old Aya... on first one, note the little house on upper corner on the sim. It was Aragorn Schism's one. He was a former O BDSM resident, the first Aya BDSM one... and the last one to move! He's a male dominant organizing catfights with his subs. From first to last day of Aya existence, he changed absolutely nothing on his plot but, as I can know, was very happy here. He had several skyboxes above the house for his... activities. I hope he found a beautiful new home!

As Aya BDSM was connected to O BDSM at the beginning, and O BDSM was Aphrodites Xanadu renamed, think that Seven/Tonie and me lived around here four years!

Unfortunately, the only place to put our mansion was a nice little castle. But Governess Talin accepted to remove it, and it was our new home.
As I wanted to thank her to welcome us in her sim, I proposed to install my castle and slave port here. She Poste accepted, and I moved from old Aya the castle and the fortified town entrance with slave trade office. Then I built a new town around, with normal size buildings. It's the sim you can visit now.

I hope this little story interested you, and I did not make too much english mistakes
Lady Eliane

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