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AYA's History Public Version - Chapter IV

AYA BDSM Sissy Maid Sanctuary

Chapter IV
Some time after we moved in Aphrodites, I realized that submission was not really my cup of tea. So I warned Play, who was very nice with me, and decided to become a domme. But, as i was very busy with Wendy's house then sim changes, I had no time to really find subs for me.
So we had a new home, more little but still nice. But very sad events were coming. Play was every time in sl. But she logged even at her work. I knew later that she was a real lesbian who was 42 at this time, living with a younger girl. She had an important job, educating commercials in Westinghouse. But she was too often online with us, and in USA they don't joke with that. First she had a lot of non-paid work, then... she was fired! And we did not see her in sl during two years...

It was horrible for the poor Seven, who loved her a lot. She was very alone alone in RL, and was in sl to forget her problems. And now she was alone in sl too!! She was walking every time in the sim with a very beautiful maid uniform, waiting for her beloved Mistress...So, one of the last times Play came in sl, she enrolled Seven in the Submission School of Ivana Pawlowski, so she had a new Mistress.
A short time later, Seven wanted to open a new BDSM land, and bought the empty quarter of the sim. But she put some water on the limit, and a big stone bridge to cross it. Other members did not agree, said the bridge was ugly, and... it was the end of Branded group. I think it could not live a long time without Play.

So, a lot of members created a new group and moved to Massapequa Island (which is now gone too), where they lived some months until their group disappeared. Seven bought the three other quarters, and named the sim O BDSM, associated with Ivana. I tried to keep contacts with the two groups, but it was difficult and I came definitely with Seven. It was around Xmas 2007.

O BDSM grew very quickly. On this pic, probably during summer 2008, there are three sims, but there were six at the end. Ivana lived in the huge tower with her slaves, including Seven. The "cathedral" besides was the Submission School. There were a ponies training area, a large commercial zone, a night club and a lot of houses to rent or plots to buy. In the middle of top left sim side, you can see a house: it was mine.

The Submission School was a huge building, moved from the sim where Ivana lived before. It was really too large; only one class room was used, and Ivana rarely gave lessons inside. There was a very large dormitory in the attic, but in fact never used. After a moment I began to be a little worried: she did not seem to be very attentive to her role.

There was a large commercial zone too, the most active part of the land. This pic was made from school roof.

But we discovered that Ivana had some negative sides. First, as Seven was a great blonde girl, she made her a very little black hairs one, a real toy. And she said me Ivana had no real contacts with her slaves, who were in fact very alone.

Another negative side was her Omega Collar. This slave collar was sold... 5000L$, and even 7000 for some special versions. I got one in a contest, and discovered it had absolutely no interest. To use it you had to type long english formulas I was unable to memory (there was more than 10 pages!!!), and it was even impossible to lock it! And it was not RLV compatible, as RLV already existed.

Several times I tried to explain Ivana it was impossible to use it when english was not your first language, and it should be better to have a menu system. She said me it was totally impossible! Few months later, Omega Collar appeared. It was exactly my idea... I was furious! And, more, it was free... so every people who bought Omega Collar were really robbed!

But, during summer 2008, I was totally happy, a I had a beautiful house. At the beginning, when we had only one sim, Seven made me a little one. It was a little narrow, but i really liked it.

Later, during spring, when we had two more sims, Ivana gave me a victorian villa; I installed a little port and private beach around. In fact I already had the idea of a pirate port for bdsm games, but Ivana never really listened to me. I had some other problems with her.

She wanted no fences around gardens and no ways to circulate between them, out of some large streets. So renters did not like to see people crossing their gardens. One time a girl who was exasperated about that asked me to put a fence around her garden. I made it... and, the following day, Ivana removed it!! But I have to say that, one day, she asked me a complete list of bdsm sellers to extend her commercial zone. I found more than 100 ones. She did not give me money, but some very beautiful clothes which probably had a high price. So I personally never had serious problems with her. It was very different for some other people...

I don't have a lot of pics of Ivana. Here i'm with her in Omega Collar store. You can see the Branded tatoo on my back.

Here she's in red, in commercial zone with some of her slaves. Seven is kneeling besides her. You can see the School behind them. You also can see a lot of shops were empty. In fact she wanted a too large land for the people really interested. I'm afraid it was an element in O BDSM wreck, but not the only one.

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