Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Be a Maid it is not for Her

She try be a AYA's Maid but was unhappy.

She is Mistress Gemma

Maybe I am Pollyanna
“Hmmm, what to say? I'm a Shemale Domme, though I do switch sometimes. I'm not one of the stern Ice Princess type Dommes (though I do carry a whip and well know how to use it) but prefer a more sensual and personal style of domination. I like people to do as I say because they want to, not because I will beat them senseless if they don't. Queen Talin once jokingly called me a Pollyanna and that's really not so far from the truth. I try to always find the good in people but I don't suffer fools easily. And I love to laugh, a great sense of humor is a must for me.”

She has met AYA in other life...
“One of my sissy pets in a previous SL life showed me Aya back when it was on the old sim and I kept dropping by now and then even after it moved to Little England. When I created Gemma this was one of the first places I came to and I was lucky enough to meet Queen Talin herself when I walked in. She invited me to take a tour and then submit an application to become a maid.”
A long time Domme
“I have been a Domme on SL for about 3 1/2 years counting my previous lives but as Gemma it's been 4-5 months. Being in control seems to come naturally for me, though now and then my submissive side does crop up. That was how I wound up becoming a Trainee Maid. It didn't take me long to discover I was not happy as a maid though and Queen Talin agreed to let me switch over to being a Mistress after a month or so. I've been happy as I can be ever since.”
Simply AYA Mistress
“I'm just a simple Mistress really. I enjoy instructing, playing with, and sometimes counseling the maids, especially the new ones, but I don't have any other official duties.”
AYA’s Family, I whant to be a part
“The whole Aya community has taken me in with open arms since I first joined and I have made a lot of friends here. The sense of family, community, and open minded respect for everyone who comes here has always impressed me and made this place something I wanted to be a part of. And then there is our Queen, I just can't say enough good things about her. She has always treated me with kindness and respect and in fact it was She that gave me the name Gemma when I took my oath and became a maid. I would like to thank Her, and everybody else here too, for the chance to share some really good times with some really great people.”
Mistress Gemma

Miss Gemma you are an example of AYA’s Family spirit .

By Marta
Revised by Stacy

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