Friday, April 5, 2013

AYA's "Transformer" Junior Maid

But 100% integrated of AYA’s Philosophy .

She is Junior Maid Minadoll.

Junior Maid Minadoll

What does she see in the mirror
“I'm a sissy with a lot of interest. I like RLV transformation stuff hehe. Been at AYA for a good few months now. enjoying every bit of it. love the Queen and all the AYA Domes. This maid loves to serve and please those around her. She enjoys giving of herself to help others with their problems when she can.”


Governess Vixen took your hand and brought you to AYA
“I found AYA when Governess Vixen brought me here a while ago. She was Mistress at the time and has since been promoted to Governess. yay and grats love you Governess Vixen. I joined as a Trainee Maid and have been promoted about a month later. Have seen AYAtransform once so far. Has great people and Domes here.”
Trainee Maid Minadoll at old mansion

Has a collection of uniforms and love her duties
“Have been a junior Maid for a couple of months now. Enjoying it so far. can't wait to be promoted to get new uniform to add to my collection. hehe Enjoy showing Guest around the SIM and helping my sister maids doing stuff. Enjoy all the events and stuff that go on at Aya, evening if i don't have the stuff i need to join in some.

She has others forms
“I have started serving Princess Twinkles one of her personal Maids while not working at the Mansion. I like serving her. she help me play with my transformation fun hehe. Sometimes i serve as a picture frame and just add beauty to the walls of her house or the mansion. hehe. so if I'm hanging around as a picture frame and can't reply is because a picture frame can't talk. giggles.”
Poneysissy Minadoll                            Portrait Frame Minadoll

Her wish
“Love you all very Much. Can we put back in the Stables? hehe so can enjoy my other interest of being a pony sissy in service to aya? giggles would be fun. hehe.”
“Also long live the Queen, Talin Greymyst the 1st. hehe love you and kisses.”
Junior Maid Minadoll.

You can be a Portrait Frame, a Pony Sissy, a Maid or what you want.

The AYA’s Family loves you Junior Maid Minadoll.

By Marta
Revised By Stacy

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