Thursday, April 4, 2013

She's a Avid Hunter

Her eyes "shine" when she passes her tips to a beginner.

Who has not enjoyed a tip from Miss Toko?

Miss Toko

She is contemporary of the first AYA
“I found the old Aya while exploring but there was a little connection to it as Talin and Zav hosted a party there once in a while.”

Your Blog idea came because of a “Lucky Chair”
“I ran into Love Trill while waiting for a lucky chair and who has the super popular Fab Free Blog. We were looking for each others letters as we went around to chairs. I showed her my 10L and under skin list and she was very impressed and suggested I make a Blog. Eventually the purpose is to show anyone that we can have nice stuff for 10L and under. So I named my blog”

She takes by hand and teaches the first steps
“I try to not overwhelm a new person as there is so much to absorb. I harp on learning inventory first then provide information about general things. Like how I double click each item to wear/unwear. I provide each new person with reference note cards and LMs to shops with nice gifts.”

Her wish...
“ I wish there was more hours in the day and I focused better on getting things done.”
Miss Toko

Teaching is a gift

Teaching with pleasure, only very special person is able.
AYA’s Family is very grateful for the opportunity to live with special person like you.

By Marta
Revised by Stacy

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