Friday, April 5, 2013

AYA’s Sissy Fashion Show

She can be you!


On Saturday 27th of April at 1:00 PM SLT AYA will be hosting a fashion show.
The categories you will compete in are:
1; Lingerie / Swimwear:
2; Casual:
3; Formal / Uniform.

**Sounds easy right...
Well, you are allowed to use your current shape, skin and eyes.
Everything else must be free.
Yes even your hair, nails, eyelashes whatever.

**How will we confirm they are free....
You also have to submit a notecard of where you got the items from, including the SLurl and relevant group etc, of where the item is from. Or the URL of the item on MarketPlace.

You will be judged by a panel of judges, and awarded marks on how good you look in the free items, and also, how good those items look. So get hunting out those items and make sure they fit perfectly.

There are also Mystery Categories that only the Judges know, if you come out on the runway wearing one of these Mystery Category outfits, then a prize will come your way.

The winner will be named AYA's pretty sissy and win a fabulous prize!

Names of entrants and the categories they are entering in (i.e. are you in Lingerie or the Swimwear, the Formal or the Uniform) to be placed on a notecard and sent to Jade Love before 20th of April.

More Information at Foyer in AYA's mansion.
By Marta

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