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Queen Talin The Ecentric - The Begining

And Goodness Tony Made The World

But she perfected much more this dream.

In the interview that the Queen Talin gave to Senior Maid Chelsie and Governess Sinjane , she speaks of past, present, future, people, and feelings.

The incredible story, divided into 5 parts, of a dream that turns into reality every day.


Queen Talin Greymyst,
Snr Maid Chelsie Goodliffe (interviewer),
Governess Sinjane Resident.

Queen Talin - AYA Sissy Maid Sactuary

The introductions

Snr Maid Chelsie: is everyone here?
Queen Talin Greymyst: nope
Governess Sinjane: yes
Queen Talin Greymyst: :)
Snr Maid Chelsie: good we are good to go then; 0
Queen Talin Greymyst: it's a trap!
Snr Maid Chelsie: Queen Talin. The purpose of this interview is two fold.
Governess Sinjane: smiles
Snr Maid Chelsie: The first purpose is that we would like to get your thoughts and feelings on AYA, and what you have accomplished with it.
Snr Maid Chelsie: Please address your pride... regrets if any. What makes you happy when thinking about AYA and your relationship to it when you wake up in the morning?
Snr Maid Chelsie: your thoughts and feelings on what you have accomplished - which is to any observer, amazing.
Governess Sinjane: nods how you think about AYA what you took over, compared to what it now is
Queen Talin Greymyst: smiles, ok
Queen Talin Greymyst: well I will answer as best I can
Snr Maid Chelsie: if there is time. The second purpose will be... to just gather some dates. So we have a record of how it evolved.

I. The beginning

Queen Talin Greymyst: ok I'm ready, fire away.
Snr Maid Chelsie: so when you think back - how did you feel about the AYA when you first were approached to take a major role it its evolution?
Governess Sinjane: in other words - what was AYA like when you found it? Grins same question but yes Chels you lead for once, sorry.
Queen Talin Greymyst: Well, when Governess Tonie AYA made me a Governess, it was the happiest and proudest moment of my SL life. That seems such a long time ago now.
Snr Maid Chelsie: Do you remember when that was approximately?
Queen Talin Greymyst: in a word, no. lol
Governess Sinjane: grins
Queen Talin Greymyst: I really can't remember, it was at the very first AYA sim.
Snr Maid Chelsie: that's fine: 0 we can fill in dates another way or another time.
Queen Talin Greymyst: smiles
Snr Maid Chelsie: When you took on the role as a Governess - how did you see your role then? What did you see that you wanted to achieve?
Queen Talin Greymyst: At that point in time I really didn't know what I wanted to achieve because AYA was running smoothly.
Queen Talin Greymyst: There were only two other Governesses, Tony Aya herself and Zavod Solo who we all know. At the time my main priority was to help run AYA
As best I could with Zavi since Tonie was often away for long periods of time due to RL, and Tonie was Had Governess as it were.
Governess Sinjane: nods
Queen Talin Greymyst: My only goal was to do what I could to make Aya a nice place to be
Snr Maid Chelsie: nods. And at that point you were running Talian academy?
Queen Talin Greymyst: Yes, that was my club, it was going reasonably well and I was happy to be involved in both the club and AYA
Snr Maid Chelsie: smiles - and what changed then ;)
Queen Talin Greymyst: Well it all changed with the surprise news that Tonie Aya had decided to give up the sim. Her RL situation had changed dramatically and AYA virtually finished.
Snr Maid Chelsie: How sudden was the announcement? Were there indications that RL was changing for her?
Queen Talin Greymyst: to answer your question, there were rumours as there always are in SL
Snr Maid Chelsie: nods
Queen Talin Greymyst: It was at that point that I called a meeting with Zavi, Jilly, Dolly and Fuzzy and I told them about my plan to keep AYA going and bring it to Little England. After we had formulated the plan, I went to Tonie and proposed the idea and the offer of my sim. Within a very short space of time, and I am talking seconds here - she had cancelled her sim. And that was that.
Queen Talin Greymyst: She liked the idea. And I made a solemn promise to keep Aya going in tribute to her. After all, she created the foundations for what we have now.
Snr Maid Chelsie: this was among the most generous offers I've seen in SL, queen Talin... you essentially rescued an important part of the fabric of SL; at least for the TG community.
Governess Sinjane: nods, listening intently.
Queen Talin Greymyst: Rescued implies I am some sort of heroin, believe me I am not and have no desire to be seen as one. Let's just say I gave AYA a new home. :)
Snr Maid Chelsie: There must have been a lot of work to move AYA over...
Queen Talin Greymyst: It was a massive team effort! There are many people who deserve to be recognized in making AYA what it is today.
Snr Maid Chelsie: can only imagine how much work and reorganization was involved
Queen Talin Greymyst: Nods. But it was more than worth it.
Snr Maid Chelsie: so at this point for AYA there were the two of you primarily. Governess Zavod and you.
Queen Talin Greymyst: and I would do it all again
Snr Maid Chelsie: this is very good to hear, Queen Talin!
Snr Maid Chelsie: smiles
Snr Maid Chelsie: how involved was governesses Tonie and Zavod at this point?
Queen Talin Greymyst: correct, Governess Zavod and I were the only two Governesses but at the time of the move. Gov Zavi was heavily involved in a different sim. The old sim had lost its appeal for many people. So the task for me was not just rebuilding the sim, but also how to draw people back.
Governess Sinjane: Yes I can imagine that was difficult
Snr Maid Chelsie: nods I personally remember it from this time, before and after the move :) and I appreciate what you must have faced.
Queen Talin Greymyst: Governess Tonie had retired from SL and handed it over to me. It was a huge undertaking. Well, my psychiatrist questioned me. lol
Snr Maid Chelsie: what were your thoughts about how to revive it?
Governess Sinjane: was your health already suspect then sis?
Queen Talin Greymyst: yes it was Jane.
Governess Sinjane: ok, even more a challenge then
Queen Talin Greymyst: I had a lot of ideas
Queen Talin Greymyst: I wanted to open the doors of AYA to everyone, before it was quite restricted, I wanted to change that. And that put people off.
Governess Sinjane: restricted in what way dear?
Queen Talin Greymyst: Well when I say restricted it was very much a situation where you only saw 100% sissies, you never saw say, furrys
Governess Sinjane: ah ok
Queen Talin Greymyst: even females were few and far between.
Governess Sinjane: nods I see
Queen Talin Greymyst: I had may other plans, which over time we have implemented.
Snr Maid Chelsie: did the existence of the Talian Academy make this easier? Or harder? Or no effect at all on this task of opening up access to AYA?
Queen Talin Greymyst: well sadly at that point it, once AYA was in the sim, it all but took over and the club closed for quite some time. Until Kori and Dolly came to me with the idea of combining the two into one building, at first I was very wary of doing this but as it has turned out I am more than happy that we did it.
We definitely have Kori and Dolly to thank for the current AYA in that sense.
By Chelsie, Sinjane
Revised Talin
Layout Marta

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