Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Love is Beautiful

How a Dancer became the Queen's consort .

On an afternoon in early spring, Senior Mistress Rusty gave me a long and pleasant interview. Open her heart told us a beautiful Love Story.

Senior Mistress Rusty

Miss rusty talks about her start in SL
“Nearly 4 years in SL (wow so quick) . Total noob when i first started and was for a long time. Used to wander around as another male avi being amazed at the spectacle that was SL Remember camping for 1 linden for 15 minutes. Winning a sploder for 50 lindens (so rich) Decided to bring in a new avi, female this time and went for premium to get 300 lindens a week.”

Her Luck, a lag computer
“Got myself a job at Pink Velvet strip club and did well but the lag was insufferable on my clockwork computer. So i moved to Twisted Shemales and got to know Fari the manager. She took me under her wing and i learnt so much there.”

At original Little England she was a dancer and met hes future soul mate, but she did not know that.
“After about 2 years I left Twisted and came to the original Little England and joined Talians as a dancer. I remember we had to move due to the noise we were creating for the neighbours and we moved to where we are now .Rented a cottage by the lake and was loving my time here. Met Talin for the first time as she was the owner and got along like a house on fire. But due to some drama that was taking place in the club I left with a heavy heart.”

She joined a hippie commune until "The heart talked louder"
“I wandered around for awhile then stumbled on a place with a name of the RL town i was born in, Bolton, I was invited to join the hippy commune there and became second in charge to the sim owner Sedi Dreamscape, my sister. Spent a happy hippy 9 months there growing form 90 members to over a 1000 when i left. It was about this time i heard about Talins illness, so i hurried on over to Little England to see what i could do to help. Little known to me Talin had kept my cottage unrented for all that time knowing that I would return. I could see things had changed and Aya had been moved to the sim. I asked Talin if I could join as a mistress and happily she invited me without an interview and here I am now. Next question please.”

The beginning of a Love Story
“I started as a Mistress and set myself a target of becoming a senior mistress as well as courting our present Queen. Reluctantly at first she avoided my attention but I think I wore her down. I was then appointed Governess of Aya but lasted only one day due to the Head Governess not being consulted . So I was busted down to Senior Mistress, my current rank.”

Happy End or Happy Start?
“My other function is as Consort to the Queen ending in the most wonderful day in my SL life, my wedding to Talin Greymyst. It became the biggest event we have ever had in the sim with over 60 guests..”
“I currently live in the Greymyst Palace with my darling wife and our palace staff. Princess Alexis Greymyst, Kathy Blouse Breda, Kaninah Wolf and Anastasia
I have inherited an enormous family too many to mention, but I love them all. You know who you are !!!”
Senior Mistress Rusty & Queen Talin
We are a Family
Yes I would. I would like to say that we need to work together to make AYA the best sissy sim in SL.. Love one another, we are family here.
Allow people to let their emotions run away with them sometimes and forgive them. Try to understand the problems they are having and support them.. Care for each other and enjoy the roleplay.. If you are having problems please let me or some other senior staff member know, they are there to help. My door is always open if i can get the wife to sort out the security in the Palace lol.
Senior Mistress Rusty

This True Love Story could only have happened here in AYA

by Marta
Revised by Stacy

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