Friday, April 19, 2013

Shy Girl Who Loves Her Nylon !!!

This is her profile.

She is AYA Officer Andi

AYA BDSM Sissy Maid Sanctuary

“Aya has really brought me out of my shell”
“Quiet…..Shy….Reserved………yes, until I came to Aya all those words applied to me (I can hear the Queen choking on her cup of tea !). Honestly, I am not a naturally outgoing person but being at Aya has really brought me out of my shell. I love shopping, fashion, music and dancing…and more shopping. I certainly have never thought of myself as being a domme or having domme tendencies though I don’t think I am a total submissive neither which probably explains why I have never been a maid and there is a definite stubborn streak in me which many people interpret as having a “big gob” ! I am however very feminine and am a t-girl in both rl and sl. I like to think that I am very friendly and approachable and I hate to see people unhappy…..I always try to see the best in everyone and use humour at every opportunity….though it often tends to get me into trouble!”

The sense of humor of "a certain Talin" got me
“I discovered Aya just as the old sim was closing. I was quite new to sl and just wandering around looking at various transgender type sims from the search engine and ended up there. There was a lm to the new sim so I clicked on it and ended up standing on a frozen pond in the middle of winter chatting with a certain Talin Greymyst who was putting up Christmas decorations. We soon realised that we both had a very similar sense of humour and soon became friends. It was not long before she asked me if I would like to join the Greymyst Clan and I jumped at the chance. I have never looked back since……..I love my family to bits and am totally devoted to them.”

She does her best
“I was so honoured when about 6 months ago The Queen and Governess Kara asked me to be an Officer…….I felt so undeserving of the title and I still do when I see the talents the other Officers like Dolly, Kori and Celly bring to the post….they possess fantastic technical skills and are a much greater attribute to the sim than I………….but I do my best !”
Wise words
“It is the people who make a sim…..and AYA has the best people in Secondlife !
I am so proud to be part of it all.”
Aya Officer Andy

You are an important member of AYA’s Family Officer Andy, we love you.

By Marta
Revised by Stacy

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  1. Quiet? shy? reserved? Bucket please!!!!! Yeah right! LMAO! Love you baby, yer lying sod....lololol.