Monday, April 15, 2013

She can be a “Breeze” or a “Tornado”

It only depends on you

She is Miss Brittany
I am well settled with myself
“Now this is a very difficult question to answer briefly but I shall try. I am a very confident vibrate woman with sense of self and purpose. I care alot for those closest to me and very frightening to those who cross me or worse hurt any close to my heart. I have a rather twisted but good sense of humor but know when it is time to be serious. People often find themselves talking to me about things they don’t usually share with others before they notice it. I can read a persons heart with a degree of accuracy. I can sometimes come across a little aloof at times and others extremely flirtatious. All depends on my moods.”

Good and long friends
“Celly is a very dear friend and Queen Talin and I have known one another for a very long time. I knew her from her early days of SL and no I dish out any dirt :).”
A Mistress with experience in her “Art
“I have been a Domme RL wise for over 20 years originally taught by a Old Guard Leather House and have over the years developed a mismatch of Old Guard, High Protocols, Motherly traits all into one with a pinch of Gorean flair just for the symbolism. I have found that doing this has allowed Me to survive and help many others grow in both their Dominance and submission as I have trained many on both sides of the coin. I expect people to treat others with utmost respect and consideration regardless of what role you are. A Mistress should not treat a maid or submissive of any kind any other way unless it is a special dynamic unique to those who are involved.”

I am available to collaborate
“I have yet to take on any major role or position within AYA besides being Talin's Dear Cousin. Look to history to find out why we call one another that.”

The important thing is the sisterhood
“Love one another like there is no other. For the Family we choose is often times stronger than the one we were born with. All you maids are truly sisters and tho Owners may come and go in your life true sisters are for life. Same goes for the Domme's. Sometimes it can be difficult for so many strong personalities to all be in same place at once. But we are not perfect and still put our pantyhose on all the same way. So Live Long and Love Hard. May we all have Blessings in our lives and let Perfect Love and Perfect Peace grow in our lives.”
Mistress Brittany

Feels in home Miss Brittany
by Marta
Revised by Stacy

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