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Queen Talin The Ecentric - On the Structure of AYA

Third part of Queen Talin's interview

Queen of AYA BDSM Sissy Maid Sactuary

III. On the Structure of AYA

Snr Maid Chelsie: how did you - with others - conceive of the structure of AYA that is currently implemented? The hierarchy of AYA mistresses and maids? The family structure? The idea of Queen Elizabeth I as a model?

Queen Talin Greymyst: I have always been an avid historian and Queen Elizabeth 1st for me was the definitive leader. Astute, wise, sometimes harsh and well a bit on the mad side.

Snr Maid Chelsie: Is this how you see yourself, Queen Talin? :)

Queen Talin Greymyst: I wanted to bring something of her to my role - and a bit of the Tudor dynasty to AYA. Hence the coats of arms in the throne room; a bit of colour.

Governess Sinjane: smiles, the Queen ruling in council seems to me the best way to run the sim, without doubt.

Governess Sinjane: and despite the conversation in council the other day one of the tings I most admire about what you have done with AYA is that you have broadened it beyond just another BDSM sim.
Queen Talin Greymyst: well I created the council to promote democracy in the sim not just to alleviate some of the stress for me. But I must confess there have been times when I have not listened to them and gone my own way, something I have striven to correct.

Snr Maid Chelsie: (and yes; it is clear to most that you have)

Governess Sinjane: smiles and you are doing well at that self-appointed task.

Snr Maid Chelsie: do you see that as some of the source of criticism. To which you referred earlier, Queen Talin? "Going your own way"?

Queen Talin Greymyst: Yes I do Chelsie, and maybe some of the criticism is justified. There will always be moaners and people who complain. But that it life, what most people don't see is the amount of work that goes into running a sim.

Governess Sinjane: nods

Queen Talin Greymyst: They just turn up, have a chat, get spanked or have a dance or whatever - and then leave, without any consideration of the huge amounts of hours that many people are putting in behind the scenes, sometimes being Queen is a thankless task, it is lonely at the top as they say.

Governess Sinjane: smiles

Snr Maid Chelsie: smiles gently I think a lot of people - understand what it is to run a sim, Queen Talin

Snr Maid Chelsie: but many may not realize what a passion it requires to run it well.

Queen Talin Greymyst: I feel extremely sorry for my lovely wife Lady Rusty.
We very rarely have any time with each other as I always have something that needs to be done

Snr Maid Chelsie: I'm sure she knew a bit about what she faced when she married a Monarch ...smiles

Queen Talin Greymyst: It is a team effort, without everyone who works so hard at AYA it would not exist
smiles, yes she did, but she stalked me. lol

Governess Sinjane: nods I actually think that you need to set a private time each day with her, but that's not an interview subject, smiles

Snr Maid Chelsie: This is putting you on the spot, Queen Talin. It may be an impossible task. If so at your request I will edit this out. Could name the key people you have depended on, who have made your success possible? Who might they be?

Queen Talin Greymyst: you may leave this in

Snr Maid Chelsie: please go on, then :)

Queen Talin Greymyst: There are so many people who I would love to thank here, and I do not want to leave anyone out by mistake, I would really say that everyone has played a part. Each person has bought something to the sim, we all have our various talents, no matter how big or how small. Everyone brings something to make it what it is.

Snr Maid Chelsie: how could we have expected anything but such grace in an answer, Queen Talin?

Snr Maid Chelsie: And if I may comment - that answer underscores you open-arm philosophy of a sim for all, where people can play a role, and feel nurtured. "Mothered". As you put it.

Queen Talin Greymyst: if I had to name anyone it would have to be Kori, for actually buying the sim for me and for building the AYA mansion etc. and for dolly for all the work she does. However, I would like to thank everyone else, the list is so long. So please, everyone, forgive me if you do not get a mention here.

Governess Sinjane: an honest, tactful answer sis

Queen Talin Greymyst: but an honest one Jane dear

Snr Maid Chelsie: Queen Talin that question was a difficult one :) it's like winning an Oscar without having prepared a list of "Thank-You's" :) if h, please send me a list to include later :0 and an Oscar you have won today.

Governess Sinjane: ((oh she's such a good smarmy interviewer sis))

Queen Talin Greymyst: (( I have her card marked lol))

Snr Maid Chelsie: Coughs; if we might move on

Snr Maid Chelsie: I think all recognize that AYA is one of the most successful sims operating in sl today.

Queen Talin Greymyst: When I found out that AYA was the number one sissy sim in SL, well I was ecstatic. It was a dream beyond my wildest dreams.

Snr Maid Chelsie: smiles

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