Wednesday, April 17, 2013

AYA's History Public Version - Chapter III

Chapter III

Or big hugs. Here I'm with Seven. It's the first pic I have of her; this day she made me a good joke: she said me she had a nice new shape for me. I put it on... and suddenly everything became higher! In fact it was a 8 years girl one... Sevven put it on too and we kept it only the time to do some pics, as Babylon was a mature sim (adult rating did not exist yet), we were wearing cuffs and Linden never joke with pedophilia... I think the basement you can see behind us is the night club one.

Hugs again: Here, i'm with my dear friend Kris. Now Seven/Tonie is gone, she's the oldest friend I have in sl. She's a wonderful girl, but unfortunately I don't see her a lot as she's from USA, and we have very different times.

Yes, Babylon was a real paradise. But it existed... five weeks! Nobody really said me what happened, but I never knew too who was really paying. I think Play had an associate who abandoned her, and a complete sim was too expensive for her. So we moved to another sim named Aphrodites Xanadu. As Babylon, it no longer exists. I'm sure it was during 2007 autumn, as we could celebrate Halloween in Aphrodites . At this moment, as they wanted a quiet place, we were the extreme N-E corner of all sl world!

Babylon did not disappear immediatly; it was bought several times, but old members often visited it. The last owner installed a little gorean town; one time I visited it, he said: "A Babylon girl again!"!

Here we had only a sim quarter, and only two levels. So large temples were kept in inventory, and i never did see them again. But i had here my very first home, an Archer House where I could put my own furniture (as all newbies, i had a moutain of freebies!!)


So, we had a quarter of the sim. One was empty, for sale. On another one lived a Goddess and her disciples; we never had contacts with them. But the last quarter was owned by a business woman named Fires's Fury. She's somebody you can't meet out of sl. She was orphan very young (in sl, of course), but... adopted and educated by a dragon! lol. So she has to wear dark glasses, or she burns everything around her.
She had a large and beautiful house and two sky boxes, but totally empty. I proposed her to furnish them, and she was so happy from the result that she gave me more than 5000L$. As I wanted to thank her and it was ridiculous to buy her a gift with her own money, I made her portrait with her father. It was a big surprise for her, as I draw in"franco-belgian" comics style, and she's US. She moved several times since this time, but she always had this pic on her wall.

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