Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Sun of AYA

Her name means sun in Norwegian.

She is Senior Maid Solen Hamelin

Senior Maid Solen Hamelin

She is like the rays of the sun on a spring morning
“My friend Celly told me Solen means “sun” in Norwegian. I’m certainly someone who likes to warm people’s heart. I’m a little sissy who believes in love, respect and friendship, like everyone else at Aya I guess. I love to please and make people happy around me. I’m sometimes quiet, quite sensitive, patient and loyal. I like soft dom, lace, feminization and being a pet (among other things). I’m a team player who believes anyone can play a role, even if it’s a little part. I like to talk about all kind of things and I’m interested in other cultures. “
AYA’s hospitality seduced her
“I’ve had good and bad experiences in SL, after being here for about 3 years. I’ve met some great people, some love...but I was missing something, something that was in me for years and kept hidden. One day, after been roaming for few weeks or so, not knowing what I was really looking for, I came at Aya ... and ran away when I realize this mansion was huge and probably full of people! I came back few days after, on a Sunday, during the social. I was standing at the main door when a maid came to me and asked me if I wanted to join the dance. I was feeling better after her warm welcome and followed her to the club. I froze and felt intimidate when I saw all the people dancing with all these impressive titles: Queen, Governess, M’Lady, Princess... but everyone was so kind to me. I came back few more times before I’ve decided to fill a maid application form after talking with an amazingly beautiful Domme who will eventually become my owner. “

Also exceeded her expectations
“I’ve been a Senior Maid Since January 2013. As a Trainee, I remember believing I would never make it to Junior. There were so many things to learn and I did all the mistakes you can imagine, except calling Her Majesty “Miss” (well, I even might have done this one...). But I’ve met wonderful (and very patient) elder sisters and who helped me and cared for me the minute I swore the Aya oath.”

Now it is your time
“Being a Senior Maid is quite an honor and I feel now it’s my turn to help and care for my little sisters. I still do mistakes and I learn every day from everyone at Aya. I think it’s important to keep your mind open and take the opportunity to learn and get better, whatever if it is a good or bad experience.”

She is not only a good Maid
I am Head Governess Kara Love and Miss Jade Love’s personal maid. I also did the English to French translation of the Aya General rules and Maid rules.

The AYA’s Family is her great passion
“My life is a fairy tale since I came at Aya and I could spend the next day talking about the people I love here. I love my maid sisters, the wonderful Dommes who are protecting and caring for us and helping to explore the woman in me, and all the Aya friends. They are all making Aya such an incredible and unique place.”
“ I’d like to take this opportunity to thank again Our Majesty, Queen Talin, for welcoming me in the Aya family. Her love, wisdom and grandeur are a permanent source of inspiration. Serving Her is a privilege. I’d like to thank also my amazing and beautiful Owners, Head Governess Kara and Miss Jade, for caring for the little sissy that I am, believing in me, pulling the best out of me and making me a very happy sissy pet. I also want to thank Kiki, my little furry angel. And all my sisters and friends... I love you all.”
Senior Maid Solen Hamelin
Senior Maid Solen Hamelin

What to say to the sun?
That you keep shining for a long long time
By Marta
Revised by Stacy

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